The Germantown Cricket Club

411 West Manheim Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: (215) 438-9900

The Germantown Cricket Club Membership

The Germantown Cricket Club offers a variety of membership options. The following membership categories and their associated privileges are as follows:


Unlimited use of all facilities with the exception of Winter Indoor Tennis contract time.


Unlimited use of all facilities, except tennis and squash, which are limited to one time per month.


Unlimited use of Clubhouse, bowling and fitness facilities. Use of pool, squash and tennis facilities is limited to one time per month.


Use of Clubhouse Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. No athletic privileges.


Member must work and reside at least 100 miles from the Club.

Single Family

Single and unmarried parent with at least one child under the age of 25.

Under 35

Athletic and Pool memberships for individuals and families under the age of 35.

Membership is based on sponsoring letter and two seconding letters.

For information about membership please contact 215.438.9900.